EXPERIENCE - Bill has worked in the commercial refrigeration sector for more than 30 years. His California Refrigeration Contractor's license number is 1075539.

Cold Again Refrigeration Operates 

According to These Core Principles:

HIGHLY TRAINED - In addition to his broad expertise, Bill is an ice machine specialist and has attended factory training on the major brands of icemaking equipment. He also stays on top of all of the newest technology in refrigeration equipment.

About Us

The founder and CEO of Cold Again Refrigeration Services is John William (Bill) Roberts.

Below is a summary of his experience, values and work ethic.


HIGH STANDARDS - Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of how we operate. We don't take shortcuts and will strive to get the job done to the highest standards as quickly as possible.

LOCAL - Bill has lived and worked in Ventura County for most of his life. As such, he is very familiar with the county and how to get to where you are.



TEACHER - Former trade school instructor. Created the training material and successfully graduated multiple students, many of which are currently working in the refrigeration trade.

SECURE - We are fully licensed and insured. And Bill has EPA certification on the use and disposal of refrigerant gases.

These are just the highlights, for your review and consideration.

But one more thing is worth mentioning...

Since Cold Again is a small business, we don't have the costs of overhead that larger companies have. 

Things like multiple facilities, vehicles and employees.

As a result, there is a very good chance that we can beat the often unbelievably pricey estimates that the "big guys" are quoting.

So, why not give us a call today and take advantage of what we offer?

CA# 1075539

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